Fluidmaths.co.uk is site that is inspired by the teaching mathematics for mastery approach.

Our vision is to create a platform which should become the premier site for mathematical reasoning and problem solving to serve teachers and students at KS4 and KS5

We believe that, our students should begin at an early stage, to see maths as a subject that will equip them with the tools to solve some of the most pressing issues facing human societies all over the world today and in the future.

They should be inspired and supported to see maths at post 16 as a way they can contribute to the development and progress of humanity.

We hope fluidmaths.co.uk will provide the resources that will help you to stretch and challenge your students, to support their critical thinking skills and improve their cognitive fluidity.

Thank you for your continual support

Kamal Abdulai

Founder, fluidmaths.co.uk