About Us

‘Make Thinking Visible’

This quote from Ritchhart and Perkins’ 2008 work underpins everything we at FluidMaths believe in have been striving to achieve.

To design problems that illuminate students’ thinking and make their thinking visible.

Our vision is to create a platform that should become the premier site for mathematical reasoning and problem solving to serve teachers and students at KS4 and KS5


We have been working to make this a reality since the summer of 2019 but the whole concept was born in 2014 when I was mentored by Steve Blades. Steve’s philosophy of teaching mathematics, his experience and achievements are up there with the greats.


I also owe a wealth of thanks to Mark Dawes and the Cambridge Maths Hub for their inspiration and guidance.

FluidMaths would not have become a reality had I not come across Mark.


This has been in the making for over a decade. Trying and failing and tapping into the experience and expertise of some of the great teachers of mathematics we have come across.


We hope fluidmaths.co.uk will provide the resources that will enable you to stretch and challenge your students, support their critical thinking skills and improve their cognitive fluidity.

We hope that you and your students will find all the resources on FluidMaths do indeed help make thinking visible.



Kamal Abdulai

Founder, fluidmaths.co.uk